What is The Best Time of Day to Catch Big Bluegills (2019 Updated)


Bluegill is a common sunfish that people catch for food or playing the fish game. It usually found in the central U.S. and eastern. In the U.S., it is one of the most popular sport fish.

When you are going to go fishing, you should know what is the best time to catch Bluegills. You should use the right time and proper way to enjoy your fishing.

Best time to catch Bluegills

Bluegills start slowing down an hour before sunset. Sometimes, bluegills feed themselves aggressively in the late evening. Shadow of docks and plants helps bluegills to find their food. In the late evening, insects became more active, those help bluegills to feed themselves nicely. But when it is the time of sunset bluegills slow down them and their eating process. Here are three best times to catch Bluegills:

1. Midday: 

When the sun is in its hottest form, bluegills are easy to find. They stay undercover about 20 feet deep down of the water. Bluegills are sensitive. So, they do not roam in direct sunlight and warm water.

That is why they cover themselves with any shelter. You can find Bluegills beneath boats or docks trying to cover them. You can bait them with a lively worm. The shaded water will help your bait to attract bluegills and bite them.

2. Mid-afternoon:

It is an excellent time to locate bluegills and find them. Because of sunlight, they try to cover themselves with shelter. They use boats, vegetation, docks, timber as their shelter.

These things will help them to cover themselves. When the sun starts to cool down, bluegills will leave their accommodation and be willing to attack their prey. This time is the time to bait them. You can use minnows and warm to bait those hungry fish. 

3. Early evening:

To my research, early evening is the best time to catch bluegills. In the early evening, the weather and water temperature starts to cool down. It is quite a comfortable time to catch sunfish.

They try to feed them well before night. This time they became very active in finding their prey. Around 5.30 to 7 pm, they slow down their process of feeding (an hour ago before sunset).

So, try to catch enough bluegills when they are active. Try to use live bait, but you can also use fake lures. Artificial lures work excellent to attract bluegills in the evening. 

How to Fishing bluegills at different times of the day

1. Early morning:

In the early morning, everything tries to come out from their shelter. Bluegills also try to fix their fins by moving themselves around their accommodation.

You can find them under docks and near the shoreline during the early morning. If you are trying to catch them, you have to use a lively worm or minnows or grasshoppers. Bluegills don’t eat aggressively in the early morning. So, do not use an artificial lure; artificial bait won’t help you. 

2. late Morning:

In late morning bluegills try to move around a little bit to cheer up themselves. Insects and bait became active, and predatory fish do start hunting, so, you can take advantage of this situation.

Bluegills do not begin their feeding process too much. Lively worm or minnows or grasshoppers can be great for bait. You can also use small lure like a jig to make them willing to bite. In this time they huddled near the shelter and about 3-8 feet of deep water.

3. Midday:

They are not too active during midday. Lively worm or minnows or insects can help you to make them willing to bite. You can use power bait. Try to do slow fishing under shelter where they can cover them.

4. Early Afternoon:

The first-afternoon activity level is medium. Lively worm or minnows may help you to catch big bluegills. You can try lures; they might help you.

Try to bait with average speed near the shelter where they can cover themselves. They start to leave their cover in the early afternoon.

5. Late Afternoon:

In the late afternoon, the activity level of bluegills is full. Any lively or dead or artificial bait will help you to catch them. They start their feeding process aggressively. You can bait near the surface and cover, as you want.

The Worst Time to Bait for Bluegills

Early morning:

It can be lucky for you or not lucky for you. You have to do very slow fishing. Bluegills eat not only zooplankton but also minnows. Try to bait with liveliest worms or minnow or insects.

At early morning, the sun starts to spread the light of it; the small creatures and prey of bluegills begin to come out and roam around. This time is the time when you can bait with your lively worms and insects to attract the predator fish.


Warm weather, you can catch Bluegills if you know what you are doing. Night time is not the time to catch Bluegills. They went to deep down of water and stayed near a shelter.

They have limited night-time vision. So, they cannot easily see baits. You have to go fishing very slowly to the warmer side of the water. You can be lucky or not. As they cannot see the bait; if any hungry bluegills bite your bait, you should consider yourself lucky.

7 Top Tips on Catching Bluegills:

1. Fish early evening and late afternoon

Early evening and late afternoon is the best time to catch sunfish. They became very active and started their feeding process aggressively. So, you can easily make them bite your hook.

2. Fish near cover at midday

At midday, they usually use any shelter to cover them from sunlight. It will easy for you to catch them if you go fishing near cover.

3. Use small baits

Bluegills have smallmouth. So, if you try big baits, they won’t help you because the fish can not bite them properly and won’t stick in the hook. 

4. Try to do slow fishing and fly fishing

Fly fishing, and do fishing slowly always help to catch fishes faster. If fish knows about your presence, they will be aware. So, it is better to do fly fishing slowly. 

5. Use small lures

Small lures attract bluegills more.

6. Try to bait in the shade

Bluegills always keep them safe from direct sun rays. So, they always try to keep them in the shade or near the shelter. It will be wise if you bait in the shade or shelter or the vegetation. 

7. Use live bait

Live bait is the best choice to catch big bluegills. They help to attract bluegills and make them bite the hook.


To catch bluegills, you have to look for the right place, as well as the right time for fishing. Bluegills are one of the famous game fishes in the U.S. They have tiny mouths, so you have to use small hooks and live baits. Early evening is the best time.

It is fun to bait for bluegills, enjoy your time! Do you want to share your thoughts/feelings, please go ahead and comment. You can also share it with your angler friends. We always appreciate it.