What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Bass (Tips for 4 Seasons)

What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Bass


Bass is a popular fish in north and south- America. There are three kinds of bass. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass. They are aggressive. They can strongly feel their prey with their senses.

As they have sharp eyes, they can also easily see and hunt their prey in low light. So, knowing the proper time of the day is essential for you. Moreover, fishing time also varies in the season to season. So, let’s read and find out what is the best time of day to catch bass.

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Movement of Bass:

Before getting into the best time of day to catch bass, here, we are going to talk about the location of bass from season to season. Bass has just three primary concerns: food, survival, and reproduction. All three significantly avail of seasonal movement.

Bass must look for the ideal water temperatures and oxygen levels for survival. They must spawn for reproduction in areas where eggs can hatch well. Water temperature, light penetration, oxygen levels, and food supply; are all driving factors during fall, winter, spring, and summer, the four seasons. 

1. Fall: 

Fall is the season begins with a movement from deep summer sanctuaries to shallower water. As temperatures start to cool, in typical reservoir style lakes, the prey will separate into small units where they become incredibly active. 

Shad are always on the move in the fall, often roaming in slightly more in-depth areas of the creek for most of the day then retreating to shoreline cover in the evening. With so much activity, the bass has numerous opportunities to feed, and they take full advantage of it. 

You can expect bass anywhere, where they can find their bait like shallow bumps, boat docks, and timber. Shad is the best choice for bait. You can also use artificial lures. Natural color is better for clear water, and the flashy color is suitable for stained water. 

2. Winter: 


Coldwater pushes bass into deep water in winter. Deepwater is less cold than shallow water. Coldwater slows their eating and moving process.

You can expect bass in creek channel drop-offs or rocks or covers where they can cover themselves easily without moving much. You can bait with grubs, spoons, jigs, swimbaits. Jerk bait is a good option for clear water.

3. Spring: 


Behaviour is pretty diverse in the spring when bass reproduces, so it makes much more sense to divide this period of the season into three different sub-seasons: pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn. Bass starts to build up their energy to start building nests and hatching their eggs. They recover from spawning. 

In pre-spawn, they do movement near their spawning grounds. They feed aggressively for the spawn. You can expect them in spawning ground and dark spots near cover. You can use lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatter baits for bait.

Spawn, female bass look up spawning area in the shallow and wind-protected flats, and males protect their nests. You can expect them in warm and wind-protected coves. Natural predators will work as baits like insects, bluegill. Artificial jigs and lizards or flukes will also help for bait. 

Post-spawn, male bass are active to protect their fry. Predator bait around nest can work great there. Female bass covers nearby areas of nests. Colorado-leaf spinner balls, swim jigs can work great here.

4. Summer: 

Bass move into deep water where the sunlight cannot reach them directly, and water is less hot then upside. You can locate bass in cover to hide them from sunlight and deep water where the temperature in less warm.

Deepwater will not provide too much oxygen to survive, so most of the bass hide them in dense vegetation. That gives them oxygen, shade, and food source. Artificial lures, shaky heads, swim jigs, frogs, chatter baits can be useful.

What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Bass?

From the discussion above, now you know the best time for bass fishing by season. Now we are going to inform you about the best time of day to fish basses successfully.

If you know the proper time of successful fishing, you can easily select the appropriate lure, and your fishing will become much productive. 

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1. Early Morning:

You can achieve success on bass fishing during the early morning; arguably, this is the best time. In lower light conditions, the baitfish increases their activity.

Minnow or shiner is usually the best bait to catch bass fishes. You need topwater poppers or plugs to fish properly. Also, you can use artificial lures at shorelines. 

2. Late Afternoon:

Bass doesn’t come to low-level water during mid-day or sun. After early morning they come again to feed in the late afternoon to take advantage of the low light.

This period is another prime time to use topwater lures like the early morning. In the summertime, this period is much useful to fish bass. 

3. At Night:

To catch bass fish night time is the best time without any doubt. At this time, the bass comes out to feed heavily. They remain much active at this time. The nature of bass is to take advantage of cooler water and lower light conditions.

They can’t stay in hot water. So, at night, the bass remains much active until the sun rises. You can take advantage of this period for successful bass fishing. 


Though the perfect time of bass fishing varies on location, indeed, the bass doesn’t come out in hot temperature and water. So, you need to find out the proper time and lure based on your location.

As bass doesn’t come out in high light and temperature, you have to wait for the low light and colder water. Here in this article, we have discussed what the best time of day to catch bass fishes by season and period of the day is.

We hope this will help you much to choose the proper lure and time for a successful bass fishing.