How to use shrimp for fishing in freshwater

How to use shrimp for fishing in freshwater

A fisherman always tries to use different baits to choose the more effective one. Maybe you have something around of yourself, but you do not know the proper use of them. It can be an item of your foods or groceries. Here I am talking about shrimp. It might be cooked or raw. Live shrimp […]

Are Bluegills Dangerous to People? Detailed Answer

Are Bluegills Dangerous to People

You have heard about many myths in your life, but how many tales have you found true? There are many different myths in our society, and many times peoples are starting to believe these myths, even though there is no proper evidence about these myths. And in these cases, people are afraid of the myths […]

What is the Best Bait for Yellow Perch? 10 Baits Compares

What is the Best Bait for Yellow Perch

You won’t find any angler who does not love to hunt in the yellow perch. In North America, Yellow Perch is the most alluring and best fish for hunting. Moreover, it is the most liked fish for fish gaming. Although yellow perch is small to look at, it likes to fight and will make you […]

What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Bass (Tips for 4 Seasons)

What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Bass

Introduction: Bass is a popular fish in north and south- America. There are three kinds of bass. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass. They are aggressive. They can strongly feel their prey with their senses. As they have sharp eyes, they can also easily see and hunt their prey in low light. So, knowing the […]

What is The Best Time of Day to Catch Big Bluegills (2019 Updated)


Bluegill is a common sunfish that people catch for food or playing the fish game. It usually found in the central U.S. and eastern. In the U.S., it is one of the most popular sport fish. When you are going to go fishing, you should know what is the best time to catch Bluegills. You […]

What is the Best Time to Fish for Walleye, Detailed Guide by Different Seasons

What is the Best Time to Fish for Walleye

Introduction: Walleye is olive and golden color fish; usually found in deep water. In North America, Walleye is famous as a game fish. You have to be careful about the location and time when you are fishing. Primarily, you may find them in the warmest segment in summer and at night. To catch Walleye, time […]