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How to choose a proper Lures & Bait? Hook-Hook Buyer’s Guide.

Lures and baits are imitations which is designed for attracting big fish. It is necessary tool whenwe go to fishing. Lures and baits have a large collection and different lures or baits are used for different species or different fishing styles. For example, the imitation lures are made for casting or trolling fishing. However, sometimes, anglers will combine the lures and baits in order to get the best result.

Depend on different water conditions, speeds, specific tactics and depths, lures range in weight from 1/124 oz. At Hook-Hook, we provide wide collections of fishing lures and baits: soft baits, hard baits, swimbaits and Jigs & Rigs.

For hard baits, they are made from wood intead of plastics. Actually, hard baits are including jerkbaits, stickbaits, crankbaits and swimbaits. Soft baits are rubber, silicone or other soft plastics molded into swimbaits.