How to choose a proper Trolling rods? Hook-Hook Buyer’s Guide.

When you are fishing in trolling open water from boat, you should choose the trolling fishing rods for the best result. Trolling fishing rods are designed for most type of the lures and lines and it also can be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Trolling rods are usually one or two-piece rods, sometime telescoping models which shorten the rod in order to make transporting and storage easier. However, the rods blanks are much heavier and thicker than other kinds of fishing rods. A heavier rods blank allows to withstand the tremendous force put on them by the pull of terminal tackle with the movement of the boat.

Most of the trolling rods are designed for trolling reels, but a few models are designed for large spinning reels. Actually, trolling rods also can be designed for specific species. For example, panfish trolling is popular in some areas, so people want company to design a trolling rod for panfish.

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